KYC Plugin

Customer onboarding form which enables fintechs, financial institutions, marketplaces, lenders to do KYC on the users.

  • Identity Verification
  • Sanctions and PEP Screening
  • ID and Selfie Verification
  • Device Fingerprinting


KYC Plugin enables businesses to

Perform Identity Verification

  • Global identity verification capabilities
  • Support for multi-jurisdictional KYC rules
  • Built-in ID and Selfie Verification
  • Screening Against Sanctions List

  • GLobal Sanctions & PEP Lists (450+)
  • Multiple algorithms and Machine Learning
  • Low false positive rates
  • Continous Monitoring

  • High Straight Through Put, Low manual reviews
  • Pre-configured KYC rules (blue-prints)
  • Staged KYC with levels of due-diligence
  • identity-verification

    Meet Regulatory Compliance

  • Global identity verification capabilities
  • Customize the form to perform CDD and EDD
  • Scan users against sanctions list
  • Onboard Good Customers

  • Digital Identities Reputation
  • Detect synthetic identities
  • Protect from stolen identities
  • KYC using Risk-based Approach

  • High Straight Through Put, Low manual reviews
  • Pre-configured KYC rules (blue-prints)
  • Staged KYC with levels of due-diligence
  • identity-verification

    Customer Onboarding (KYC)

    KYC Plugin is an end-to-end customer onboarding solution with onboarding form, integrated with IDM risk and compliance platform to meet regulatory needs across multiple jurisdictions.
    Digital Identities

    Digital Identity includes affiliation and affinity, data link analysis, location analysis, device risk signals..

    Automated Risk-based KYC

    Ability to do staged KYC using risk-based approach to perform correct due-diligence.

    Pre-configured Rules per Geo-Regulations

    Comply with regulations of various governments (US, Canada, China, etc.).

    Sanctions Screening

    Sanctions Screening (400+ global sanctions and PEP lists available with advance matching algorithms.

    ID and Selfie Verification

    Global Name and Address Verification using ID, Passport or Driver License along with Facial Comparison.

    IP and Device Risk Analysis

    IP Geolocation Risk Analysis and Device Fingerprinting, Ability to accept/block users based on the country.

    Plugins Features

    KYC Form Builder

    Intuitive drag and drop form builder to build onboarding form per your requirements, no coding required.

    Responsive UI

    Responsive design of the KYC form is optimized for all devices, mobile-friendly

    Secure Plugins

    Load plugins from your website or back-office portal only with security configurations available in UI portal

    APIs and Webhooks

    Webhooks are available to enable plugins to send information in real-time to your platform.

    Embeddable KYC Form

    KYC form can be embedded in a website or back-office portal using iframe securely.

    Packaged KYC Risk Rules

    Adjustable and pre-configured KYC rules per your compliance needs with global regulatory support

    Risk and Compliance Portal

    Integrated with IDM Risk and Compliance Portal for reviewing applications

    Risk Based Approach

    Perform level of due diligence based on the risk of the user

    Advanced Reporting

    Reporting and export available on applications and KYC decisions

    Flexible Pricing

    Pricing based on volume and level of due diligence

    Global KYC Support

    Onboarding Form is optimized to collect necessary information per country (global support)

    GDPR Compliance

    GDPR-friendly tools you can use to collect consent and document important information.

    The IdentityMind Plugins Difference

    Simplified Integration

    IdentityMind RegTech Plugins are easily embedded into a website or back-office portal with the primary objective of up and running in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days or weeks or even months. IdentityMind Plugins have the advanced security features to make sure plugins are loaded only from your website.

    IDM Risk and Compliance Platform

    IdentityMind RegTech Plugins are integrated with IDM Risk and Compliance Platform extending in-depth functionality of Know Your Customer (KYC), Sanctions Screening and AML Transaction Monitoring along with advanced back-office functionality, access control and reporting.

    Regulatory Compliance Experts

    IdentityMind RegTech Plugins are overseen by team of industy experts in complinace, global KYC regulations, ICO regulations, anti-money laundering, cross-border payments, suspicious activity reporting, crypto risk assessment, AML aduit and examinations, global identity verification regulations etc. .

    Proudly Serving Our Clients

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